Overview and Characteristics of 747 Rapier Loom

Overview of Rapier Loom
GA747 rapier loom is the latest model of GA74 series rapier looms. It adds ASGT221 dobby device and color selection device on the basis of GA743 rapier looms. It combines various advantages of GA74 series looms and makes a series of improvements on this basis to make the products more adaptable.
Product features:
1. GA747 covers an area equivalent to that of a multi shuttle box shuttle loom with the same reed width.
2. GA747 adopts advanced computer aided design. Many parts use carbon woven composite materials and aluminum alloy materials with light weight and high strength, which are simple and reliable in structure.
3. The frame, let off mechanism and shuttle loom parts are universal and easy to maintain.
4. The vehicle speed is 30-40% higher than that of shuttle loom.
5. Low noise can greatly improve the working environment, 10-15 decibels lower than similar shuttle looms.
6. It has a wide variety of adaptability, and can weave various fabrics from light to medium thick.
7. GA747 has a high performance price ratio and is a popular bar loom suitable for the national conditions.
Scope of application:
GA747 is mainly suitable for weaving plain, twill, satin and small jacquard fabrics made of cotton, hemp, chemical fiber and silk.