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SXACT-C rapier loom control box

SXACT-C rapier loom control box

Product description

product manual:
The control unit adopts 32-bit CPU, modular control, LCD as human-machine interface, and the control display is clear and intuitive.

Main function (controlled by the main electrical box):
Electronic multi-arm control that can control 20 or 24 brown frame electronic arms.
With 8 color selection weft, and 8 programmable electromagnet output.
The upper yarn tension inverter control can realize secondary tension control.
The lower yarn tension is an analog sensor or a tension sensor.
Can be equipped with automatic browning function.
For complex process files, you can use a special U disk to edit and use a special file on the computer for convenient and universal use.
Simple process files can also be written directly on the electrical box.

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