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SXACT-CF full-function rapier loom control box


Rapier loom control box

Product details

product manual:
The 32-bit high-speed RAM and FPGA technology are modularly controlled, and each control unit uses a highly reliable CAN bus to interconnect large capacities. The FLASH memory is used to manage the file system, and the large-screen color LCD display interface makes the control display clear and intuitive. U disk is used as a file copy, which is convenient, universal and practical.

1, large screen color TFT LCD display.
2. Store 8 working files, which can be called at any time.
3. Universal U disk is a file storage medium, which is universal and convenient.
4. Each control unit is modularized and interconnected using highly reliable CAN point lines.
5. Multiple 32-bit RAM CPUs are used as control units for high speed and flexibility.
6. Simultaneous control of servo raising, servo winding, electronic multi-arm, electronic let-off (using analog sensor or tension sensor), and secondary tension control of the upper yarn tension.

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