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Electronic stencil device


GT221E/GT228E electronic dobby

Product details

product manual:
This device is an electromechanical integration product for the mechanical cap type 211.221 looms dobby machine, which is used to replace the original pattern paper. Mainly used for the weaving of large loop fabrics, such as towel rapier looms.

The main function:
Large-screen LCD man-machine interface, all control displays are clear and intuitive
Electronic multi-arm that can control 20 or 24 brown frames.
With 8-color weft selection, 8-channel programmable electromagnet output.
Optional automatic weft reduction function.
With large-capacity FLASH memory, it can store process files within 100,000 latitude.
The process file is input with a universal U disk, which is convenient and versatile.
Flexible weft selection operation, you can make any quick selection by cycle or by total latitude, and specify the latitude to start working.
For electronic multi-arm, 8-color latitude and 8-channel programmable electromagnets, self-testing can be performed to facilitate debugging and maintenance.

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