Kinematic characteristics of high speed electronic dobby heald lifting mechanism

Rotary electronic dobby is the key supporting device of high-speed rapier loom and air-jet loom, which has an important impact on improving the working efficiency of the loom and fabric quality. This paper takes high-speed electronic dobby as the research object, and studies the modeling, simulation analysis and optimization methods of the lifting mechanism from the aspects of kinematics, dynamics and shedding process. The main research contents and conclusions are as follows:


Overview and Characteristics of 747 Rapier Loom

GA747 rapier loom is the latest model of GA74 series rapier looms. It adds ASGT221 dobby device and color selection device on the basis of GA743 rapier looms. It combines various advantages of GA74 series looms and makes a series of improvements on this basis to make the products more adaptable.


Brief Introduction to the Structure of 747 Rapier Loom

In the weaving process, the warp and weft are interwoven into a fabric and then continuously rolled away. In order to ensure the continuous progress of the weaving process, the let off mechanism sends out appropriate length of warp to supplement, so that the warp tension on the loom is strictly controlled within a certain range. 2. Opening mechanism


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