Great corporate culture, burning fighting spirit

Enterprise employees are the inheritors of advanced enterprise spirit culture, and enterprise culture is the core element of enterprise soft power. As a leader in the domestic textile machinery industry, while strengthening the hard power of enterprise production and research, we should earnestly care for the production and life of employees, pay attention to the sound development of enterprises, and improve the efficiency of internal production cooperation.
The basic basis of our company's development of corporate culture is purposiveness, adaptability, predictability and interest
It is committed to becoming a competitive component group in the textile machinery electronics industry that provides value-added services to customers. Customer orientation, integrity and responsibility are the core values of the company. Corporate values, internally, are a kind of centripetal force. What we say is the ideal and pursuit of our parts, and what we can't say is the fighting spirit and lofty sentiments of textile machine parts. Externally, it is a banner, which determines the public image, market reputation, social orientation and development direction of our products, and reflects our unique social mission and sense of responsibility - people and business grow together, and enterprise and society are harmonious. You see, it is precisely it that brings us together, twists the strength of our individual employees into a rope, and turns it into a strong driving force to promote the development of our enterprise!